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Product Category Shop price Lowest price User rating Rank
Joie Baby Spin 360 (incl. Isofix base)Child Car Seat£200.00£165.00  94  
Joie Baby Nitro (Buggy)Baby Stroller£59.24£19.98  424  
Cybex Priam (Travel System)Baby Stroller£1,199.84£499.00  528  
Ickle Bubba Stomp V3 3in1 (Travel System)Baby Stroller£299.00£299.00  831  
Bugaboo Bee 5 (Pushchair)Baby Stroller£379.99£379.99  1012  
iCandy Peach (Combi Pushchair)Baby Stroller£999.00£130.00  1071  
Cybex Cloud Z i-SizeChild Car Seat£239.90£219.00  1179  
4moms MamaRoo 4.0Baby Bouncer£249.99£249.00  1512  
Chicco Pocket SnackHighchair & Booster Seat£20.00£18.00  1522  
BabyBjörn Bouncer BlissBaby Bouncer£210.00£137.00 7/101568  
BT Video Baby Monitor 6000Baby Monitor£129.99* £115.00  1667  
Simple Parenting DoonaChild Car Seat£269.00£237.59  1949  
Silver Cross Pop (Buggy)Baby Stroller£139.99£65.00  2077  
UppaBaby Vista (Combi Pushchair)Baby Stroller£979.00* £768.24 5/102164  
Cybex Priam (Pushchair)Baby Stroller£599.00£359.95  2241  
Cybex Sirona S i-Size (incl. Isofix base)Child Car Seat£299.95£210.00  2375  
Bugaboo Fox 2 (Combi Pushchair)Baby Stroller£895.50£895.50 5/102396  
Britax Dualfix M i-SizeChild Car Seat£325.00£292.50  2469  
Nuna LeafBaby Bouncer£160.00£20.00  2486  
Cybex Sirona Z i-SizeChild Car Seat£269.95£174.99  3296  
Kids Embrace Batman WalkerBaby Walker£79.98£19.98  3357  
BT Video Baby Monitor 5000Baby Monitor£99.99£79.98  3602  
Joie Baby Mimzy LXHighchair & Booster Seat£62.10£59.59  3735  
Joie Baby Mimzy Snacker HighchairHighchair & Booster Seat£43.00£43.00 4/103784  
Ergobaby Omni 360Baby Carrier & Baby Sling£154.90£123.92 8/103830  
Out n About V4 Nipper 360 (Double Pushchair)Baby Stroller£429.00£399.00 7/103837  
Britax KidFix III SChild Car Seat£190.00£190.00  3951  
UppaBaby Vista V2 (Combi Pushchair)Baby Stroller£1,299.99£869.00  4142  
Joie Baby TrilloChild Car Seat£39.99£39.99  4171  
Cosatto Woosh 2 (Pushchair)Baby Stroller£179.95£159.99  4299  
BeSafe iZi Flex FIX i-SizeChild Car Seat£210.00£189.99 8/104421  
Egg Stroller Egg (Pushchair)Baby Stroller£799.00£200.00  4518  
BabyStyle Oyster 3 (Pushchair)Baby Stroller£499.00£384.02  4607  
Maxi-Cosi CabrioFixChild Car Seat£99.00£80.00 8/104836  
Silver Cross Reflex (Pushchair)Baby Stroller£199.00* £199.00  4993  
KinderKraft Grande (Pushchair)Baby Stroller£109.00£109.00  5108  
Joie Baby StagesChild Car Seat£99.00£99.00  5116  
Maxi-Cosi RodiFix AirProtectChild Car Seat£125.00£119.00 9/105127  
Cozy'n'safe Excalibur Group 1/2/3Child Car Seat£119.99£99.95  5288  
Britax Evolva 1-2-3Child Car Seat£109.00£74.95  5441  
BabyBjörn One AirBaby Carrier & Baby Sling£175.00£157.50 9/105446  
Maxi-Cosi PearlChild Car Seat£159.00£100.00  5495  
Maxi-Cosi Zelia (Pushchair)Baby Stroller£199.00£199.00  5538  
Bugaboo Fox 2 (Travel System)Baby Stroller£1,129.00£995.00 8/105541  
Britax Dualfix i-SizeChild Car Seat£375.00£324.98  5670  
Joie Baby Every StageChild Car Seat£150.00£149.99  5785  
Chicco Polly Magic RelaxHighchair & Booster Seat£119.00£119.00  5853  
Venicci Tinum 3in1 (Travel System)Baby Stroller£599.00£599.00  5865  
Cybex Solution M-Fix SLChild Car Seat£109.95£109.95  6173  
Silver Cross Pacific Autograph (Pram)Baby Stroller£690.00£690.00  6204  
Joie Baby DualloChild Car Seat£94.99£84.95  6234  
Babymoov Hygro+Humidifier£79.98£49.99  6323  
Cybex Solution Z-FixChild Car Seat£199.95£189.95  6324  
Mountain Buggy Duet V3 (Double Pushchair)Baby Stroller£649.00£592.50  6364  
Silver Cross Jet (Pushchair)Baby Stroller£219.99£219.99  6390  
Joolz Hub (Pushchair)Baby Stroller£119.00£119.00  6535  
Maxi-Cosi TitanChild Car Seat£149.00* £149.00  6615  
Cybex Priam (Combi Pushchair)Baby Stroller£599.00£599.00  6802  
Babyzen Yoyo 2 6+ (Pushchair)Baby Stroller£399.00£397.37  7342  
4moms RockaRooBaby Bouncer£169.00£169.00  7538  
Maxi-Cosi Pebble PlusChild Car Seat£145.00£85.00 8/107666  
Babyzen Yoyo 2 0+ (Pram)Baby Stroller£574.00£499.99  7984  
Silver Cross Pioneer (Combi Pushchair)Baby Stroller£819.99£379.95  8045  
My Babiie MB200+ (Travel System)Baby Stroller£349.99£349.99  8049  
ABC Design Salsa 4 Air (Travel System)Baby Stroller£899.00£739.90   8371  
Cosatto Woosh (Pushchair)Baby Stroller£179.95£159.99  8426  
Oribel Cocoon HighchairHighchair & Booster Seat£144.99£144.99  8440  
MyChild Sienta Duo (Double Buggy)Baby Stroller£196.99£49.99  8516  
Chicco Balance BikeBalance Bike£25.99£25.99  8578  
Out n About V4 Nipper Sport (Jogging Stroller)Baby Stroller£319.00£319.00  8585  
Cybex Gazelle S (Pushchair)Baby Stroller£569.95£549.95  8726  
BabyStyle Oyster Zero (Pushchair)Baby Stroller£249.00£219.95  9156  
Venicci Soft (Travel System)Baby Stroller£529.00£500.49  9299  
iCandy Orange (Combi Pushchair)Baby Stroller£599.00£599.00  9374  
iCandy Peach (Pushchair)Baby Stroller£999.00£699.00  9429  
Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air MeshBaby Carrier & Baby Sling£139.00£123.92  9468  
Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker NapperBaby Bouncer£69.00£69.00  10029  
Joie Baby Versatrax (Pushchair)Baby Stroller£300.00£229.99  10301  
Bababing Float BouncerBaby Bouncer£29.99£29.99  10302  
Silver Cross Wave (Combi Pushchair)Baby Stroller£895.50£799.00  10323  
Graco Junior MaxiChild Car Seat£24.99£23.99  10435  
Joie Baby Aire Twin (Double Buggy)Baby Stroller£126.00£126.00  10513  
Bugaboo Donkey 3 Twin (Double Combi Pushchair)Baby Stroller£1,450.00£1,450.00  10620  
ABC Design Salsa 4 Air (Combi Pushchair)Baby Stroller£868.90£629.89  10704  
Joie Baby Versatrax 2in1 (Travel System)Baby Stroller£390.00£299.99  11062  
Doona Liki PremiumTricycle£159.00£151.99  11145  
4moms MamaRooBaby Bouncer£249.99£239.00  11157  
Nuby Natural Touch One-Touch Electric Warmer & SterilizerBottle Warmer & Steriliser£11.95£11.95  11204  
Ickle Bubba Moon (Travel System)Baby Stroller£299.00£199.00  11214  
Silver Cross Pioneer Special Edition (Travel System)Baby Stroller£1,045.00£599.00  11316  
KinderKraft Juli (Travel System)Baby Stroller£479.00£169.28  11387  
Red Kite Push Me Fusion (Travel System)Baby Stroller£199.00£199.00  11446  
KinderKraft Prime (Travel System)Baby Stroller£429.00£338.03  11477  
Britax Discovery SLChild Car Seat£85.00£54.99  11591  
Bugaboo Fox (Travel System)Baby Stroller£899.00£899.00  11767  
Maxi-Cosi Titan ProChild Car Seat£269.00£255.99  11789  
Out n About Little Nipper Double (Double Pushchair)Baby Stroller£319.00£219.00  11844  
Maxi-Cosi Kore i-SizeChild Car Seat£169.00£149.00  12075  
Britax First Class PlusChild Car Seat£169.95£87.00  12114  
Out n About Little Nipper (Pushchair)Baby Stroller£195.00£195.00  12198  
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