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Garmin Forerunner 945Fitness Watch£499.99* £349.90  150  
Garmin Forerunner 245Fitness Watch£199.99* £159.99  248  
Garmin Fēnix 6 ProFitness Watch£599.99* £379.00  265  
Garmin Fēnix 6S ProFitness Watch£599.99* £379.00  496  
Garmin Edge 530Bicycle Computer£259.99£186.99  717  
Garmin Edge 1030 PlusBicycle Computer£469.99£395.99  1493  
Garmin Edge 830Bicycle Computer£299.99£254.99  2463  
Bell Helmets Super DH MIPSBicycle Helmet£299.99£209.21  4999  
Garmin Forerunner 935Fitness Watch£389.99* £249.99  6605  
Bell Helmets Z20 MIPSBicycle Helmet£199.99£109.99  7274  
Giro Aerohead MIPSBicycle Helmet£274.99£180.00  7445  
Garmin Edge 130 PlusBicycle Computer£129.99£99.99  7988  
Giro Agilis MIPSBicycle Helmet£89.99£59.00  8224  
Giro Aether MIPSBicycle Helmet£269.99£169.00  8360  
Bell Helmets Super 3R MIPSBicycle Helmet£224.99£112.50  9768  
Giro Vanquish MIPSBicycle Helmet£219.99£136.50  9987  
Giro Cinder MIPSBicycle Helmet£129.99£75.00  11990  
Bell Helmets 4Forty MIPSBicycle Helmet£89.99£58.99  12052  
Garmin HRM-DualActivity Tracker£59.99£49.95  12136  
Giro FixtureBicycle Helmet£54.99£27.99  13165  
Giro Montaro MIPSBicycle Helmet£149.99£85.99  13966  
Bell Helmets Stratus MIPSBicycle Helmet£134.99£39.89  16082  
Thule VeloSpace XT 2Bicycle & Ski Carrier£580.99£512.99  16276  
Lifeventure Thermal Mug 0.3LThermos Flask£14.99£8.99  21687  
Thule EasyFold XT 933Bicycle & Ski Carrier£674.99£504.95  22503  
Bell Helmets Super Air R MIPSBicycle Helmet£199.99£164.97  23075  
Lazer Z1 MIPSBicycle Helmet£186.89£124.99  23405  
Lezyne V Pro 11Multi Tool£27.28£21.49  23470  
Topeak MTX TrunkBag DXPBicycle Bag£82.76* £56.30  23537  
Bell Helmets Nomad MIPSBicycle Helmet£59.99£30.99  23953  
Shimano SH-TR9 (Women's)Cycling Shoes£174.99£44.95  24263  
Giro Tremor MIPS (Jr)Bicycle Helmet£59.99£39.61  25675  
Tacx Neo 2T Smart T2875Turbo Trainer£999.99£999.99  26304  
Bell Helmets Sixer MIPSBicycle Helmet£149.99£82.49  29222  
Topeak MTX TrunkBag EXPBicycle Bag£67.63£48.99  29444  
Topeak MTX TrunkBag DXBicycle Bag£64.95£57.99  29811  
Giro Synthe MIPSBicycle Helmet£179.99£105.00  31093  
Giro Caden MIPSBicycle Helmet£89.99£49.49  33549  
Thule VeloSpace XT 3Bicycle & Ski Carrier£668.99£484.95  33651  
CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E. 1.5+1.5L (2017)Hydration Pack£44.00£35.99  33971  
Abus GameChangerBicycle Helmet£160.19£101.99  33987  
Topeak SmartPhone DryBag for iPhone 4/4SPhone Case & Cover£19.98£9.99  34154  
Giro Source MipsBicycle Helmet£119.99£63.74  34353  
Thule WingBar Edge 9585Roof Rack£317.99£215.57  35621  
Giro Ember MIPS (Women's)Bicycle Helmet£134.99£61.77  36671  
Lazer Century MIPSBicycle Helmet£151.29£84.80  38863  
Lezyne Femto Drive RearBicycle Light£14.00£8.99  39673  
Giro Fixture MIPSBicycle Helmet£69.98£34.99  40254  
Tifosi SmooveSunglasses£30.00£11.99  41290  
Tifosi SwankSunglasses£30.00£11.99  41298  
CamelBak Podium Chill 0.71LThermos Flask£17.00£9.99  41358  
CamelBak Powderhound 12 9+3LHydration Pack£109.99£99.99  41374  
Topeak Midloader Frame Bag 4.5LBicycle Bag£44.49£34.99  42330  
TSG SquadBicycle Helmet£106.79£98.99  42668  
Lezyne Femto Drive FrontBicycle Light£14.00£8.99  44360  
Bell Helmets Sidetrack Youth (Jr)Bicycle Helmet£36.99£20.00  45975  
Giro Camden MIPSBicycle Helmet£199.99£114.12  47308  
Bell Helmets TrackerBicycle Helmet£36.99£20.00  47336  
Cateye Velo 7 CC-VL520Bicycle Computer£19.98£12.79  47980  
Lazer Jackal MIPSBicycle Helmet£169.09£104.95  48154  
Giro ForayBicycle Helmet£59.99£37.50  49032  
BBB CondorBicycle Helmet£29.95£16.45  49330  
Giro Register MIPSBicycle Helmet£74.98£50.99  49561  
Abus StormChaserBicycle Helmet£124.59£47.75  49764  
Thule Yepp MaxiBicycle Child Seat£142.99£80.20  51738  
Giro Chronicle MIPSBicycle Helmet£109.99£9.95  52018  
Lifeventure Flip-Top Thermal Mug 0.3LThermos Flask£16.98£9.99  52178  
SixSixOne ResetBicycle Helmet£125.00£21.49  52187  
Giro Raes Techlace (Women's)Cycling Shoes£219.99£56.99  52449  
Lazer Compact DLX MIPSBicycle Helmet£53.39£41.99  52908  
Cateye Strada Slim CC-RD310WBicycle Computer£49.99£34.99  52942  
Lazer Z1Bicycle Helmet£142.38£72.98  54036  
Giro Syntax MIPSBicycle Helmet£124.99£69.94  54674  
Bell Helmets Lil Ripper (Jr)Bicycle Helmet£36.99£21.99  54786  
Evoc Ride 16Backpack£94.99£70.43  55036  
Abus Hyban 2.0Bicycle Helmet£57.84£43.60  55125  
Bontrager Specter WavecelBicycle Helmet£103.99£55.25  55735  
Giro Scamp (Jr)Bicycle Helmet£34.99£22.99  55768  
Bell Helmets Avenue MIPSBicycle Helmet£64.98£45.19  56998  
Lezyne Hecto Drive 500XLBicycle Light£39.60£25.99  57624  
Tacx Flux Smart T2900STurbo Trainer£494.99£490.99  58111  
Garmin Edge 130 Plus HR BundleBicycle Computer£199.99£131.61  58243  
Thule WingBar Edge 9584Roof Rack£317.99£221.58  58452  
Evoc Stage 18LBackpack£114.39£65.98  58864  
Torq Energy 1.5kgSports Drink Powder£27.99£19.98  58978  
Exposure Lights Sirius MK9Bicycle Light£30.25£30.25  60670  
Bontrager XXX WaveCelBicycle Helmet£159.99£134.99  62254  
Topeak DynaPack DXBicycle Bag£73.86£52.87  62326  
Tacx Boost BundleTurbo Trainer£229.99£179.00  62572  
Bontrager Velocis MIPSBicycle Helmet£123.99£112.00  63698  
Lazer Coyote MIPSBicycle Helmet£88.99£49.99  63946  
Bell Helmets Sidetrack II Youth (Jr)Bicycle Helmet£44.99£30.02  65832  
Bell Helmets Super 3Bicycle Helmet£124.99£75.48  66851  
Thule WingBar Edge 9594Roof Rack£273.99£182.58  68102  
Thule WingBar Edge 9592Roof Rack£273.99£174.94  68186  
Tacx Flow Smart T2240Turbo Trainer£199.99£199.99  69035  
Hamax Outback One (Enkelvagn)Bicycle trailer£774.99£620.00  70410  
Lazer TonicBicycle Helmet£53.39£34.00  72170  
BBB IndraBicycle Helmet£99.95£36.06  73495  
Abus AirbreakerBicycle Helmet£204.69£120.00  74290  
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