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  • Very Poor
    5 months ago
    Absolutely Disgusting service from Aircon Direct! Before I placed the order they kept on chasing me to get the sale done and take payment. The air conditioner itself was not a bad price, but adding installation will cost around four times more. So I have paid an absolute fortune for installation, but the service I received was appalling to say the least. They asked me for photos of where I want to install the unit. I sent it to them straight away. I was told that I will receive the unit between 3-5 working days. I’m the mean time I had a technical question about the power supply they wanted me to install. No one bothered to answer me. When the unit didn’t arrive with in the discussed time frame I contacted them to find out what’s going on .After 2 weeks waiting I was told that they can’t install the unit where I want it. No one bothered to contact me to ask for an alternative. After I dealt with that they finally sent the unit out. They then kept on changing the installation dates and giving me the wrong information. They finally booked the installation 3 weeks after I made the purchase. The engineer turned up an hour late and told me on arrival that he’s not going to finish the job that day because he’s got other things to do… At 4pm he packed up his tools and left without completing the job. He told me he will come back on Saturday to finish. Obviously at this stage I am quite frustrated, but left it at that. He came back on Saturday for 2 hours and tells me that he’s not going to finish that day because he has got other things to do. I told him about all the issues I’ve had with the order, but he couldn’t care less. He told me I can complain to the company if I want. He then said he’ll be back on Tuesday. I asked him why he can’t come back on Monday at least. He just dismissed me and told me he’ll be back on Tuesday. This company really know how to annoy their customers. I have already made a formal complaint for not processing my order after I’ve paid, kept changing the dates and ignoring me emails. I then made ANOTHER formal complaint about the absolute disaster of an installation. Here I am, 3 weeks later, thousands out of pocket with an air conditioner that is still not installed. This company can’t be trusted and I will never buy from them again. Absolute Joke!