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Seagate Barracuda ST4000DM004 256MB 4TBInternal Hard Drive£90.00£74.98  960  
Crucial MX500 2.5" 7mm 500GBSSD (Solid State Drive)£64.48£49.95  1733 1
Crucial MX500 2.5" 7mm 1TBSSD (Solid State Drive)£109.49* £87.15  2305 84
Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST2000DM008 256MB 2TBInternal Hard Drive£52.49£41.99  3195  
Satechi M1 Wireless MouseMouse & Pointing Device£35.49£29.57  7657  
Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM010 64MB 1TBInternal Hard Drive£41.55* £31.68  9778  
Seagate Barracuda ST1000LM048 128MB 1TBInternal Hard Drive£42.49* £32.39  10030  
Crucial MX500 2.5" 7mm 250GBSSD (Solid State Drive)£47.49* £39.95  12093  
Crucial X6 Portable SSD 2TBSSD (Solid State Drive)£244.00£179.95  13016  
Samsung SO-DIMM DDR4 2666MHz 16GB (M471A2K43CB1-CTD)SO-DIMM RAM£76.48£76.48  17259  
Samsung SO-DIMM DDR4 2666MHz 8GB (M471A1K43CB1-CTD)SO-DIMM RAM£39.49£37.70  17324  
SanDisk Ultra SDHC Class 10 UHS-I U1 80MB/s 32GBSD Memory Card£15.84* £6.88  19577  
Crucial MX500 M.2 1TBSSD (Solid State Drive)£127.00* £102.27  27147  
Crucial X6 Portable SSD 1TBSSD (Solid State Drive)£129.00* £102.49  32883  
Seagate Barracuda ST2000LM015 128MB 2TBInternal Hard Drive£69.48* £58.49  36250  
Samsung DDR4 2666MHz 8GB (M378A1K43CB2-CTD)DDR4 RAM£39.49£36.98  36696  
SanDisk Ultra SDXC Class 10 UHS-I U1 80MB/s 64GBSD Memory Card£26.59* £8.69  39495  
Crucial X6 Portable SSD 500GBSSD (Solid State Drive)£71.00£61.99  39509  
Integral P Series 5 120GBSSD (Solid State Drive)£21.00* £20.99  41931  
Crucial X8 1TBSSD (Solid State Drive)£139.49* £121.46  42437  
Samsung PM883 MZ7LH480HAHQ 480GBSSD (Solid State Drive)£121.49£113.99  46924  
Samsung SM883 MZ7KH1T9HAJR 1.92TBSSD (Solid State Drive)£814.49£561.71  47089  
OWC Envoy ProExternal Enclosure£56.00£56.00  61800  
Toshiba L200 HDWL120UZSVA 8MB 2TBInternal Hard Drive£63.00* £50.11  69720  
Verbatim Store 'n' Go Portable USB 3.0 2TBExternal Hard Drive£67.48£56.38  74073  
Crucial MX500 M.2 500GBSSD (Solid State Drive)£81.00£51.63  75377  
Transcend TS64GMSA230S 64GBSSD (Solid State Drive)£41.00£18.60  77880  
Crucial X8 2TBSSD (Solid State Drive)£269.00£214.00  78989  
Integral P Series 5 960GBSSD (Solid State Drive)£60.49£60.49  80814  
Samsung DDR4 2666MHz 32GB (M378A4G43MB1-CTD)DDR4 RAM£144.49£138.83  81721  
Verbatim Store 'n' Go Portable USB 3.0 1TBExternal Hard Drive£47.00£36.97  82524  
Integral M Series M.2 256GBSSD (Solid State Drive)£41.49* £30.63  87877  
Netac N600S SSD 1TBSSD (Solid State Drive)£32.00£32.00   93552  
Samsung SO-DIMM DDR4 2666MHz 4GB (M471A5244CB0-CTD)SO-DIMM RAM£25.00£25.00  100987  
SanDisk Extreme Compact Flash 120MB/s 128GBCompact Flash Card£139.99* £69.98  109220  
Samsung PM883 MZ7LH1T9HMLT 1.92TBSSD (Solid State Drive)£371.49£305.77  112540  
Integral M Series M.2 512GBSSD (Solid State Drive)£64.00£55.99  129061  
Samsung SM863a MZ7KM480N 480GBSSD (Solid State Drive)£155.00£155.00  132192  
Transcend 430S TS512GMTS430S 512GBSSD (Solid State Drive)£69.48£69.48  142502  
OWC Thunderbolt 3 Pro DockLaptop Docking Station£308.49£308.49  145491  
Samsung Server DDR4 2666MHz ECC Reg 32GB (M393A4K40CB2-CTD)DDR4 RAM£163.49£153.60  147916  
Samsung SM883 MZ7KH960HAJR 960GBSSD (Solid State Drive)£302.49£302.49  164536  
Samsung PM883 MZ7LH240HAHQ 240GBSSD (Solid State Drive)£91.49£80.15  179014  
SanDisk SDXC Class 4 64GBSD Memory Card£26.99* £7.90  179598  
Samsung SM883 MZ7KH3T8HALS 3.84TBSSD (Solid State Drive)£1,469.00£972.42  184962  
Samsung SM883 MZ7KH240HAHQ 240GBSSD (Solid State Drive)£118.49£91.73  186605  
Samsung SM883 MZ7KH480HAHQ 480GBSSD (Solid State Drive)£209.00£128.40  186894  
Samsung DDR4 2666MHz 4GB (M378A5244CB0-CTD)DDR4 RAM£36.49£36.49  190052  
Samsung DDR4 2666MHz 16GB (M378A2K43CB1-CTD)DDR4 RAM£66.48£66.48  192828  
Samsung DDR4 2400MHz 8GB (M378A1K43BB2-CRC)DDR4 RAM£46.49£46.49  193875  
OWC SSDIM12D480 480GBSystem Specific Hard Drive£120.00£120.00  251378  
Samsung DDR4 2666MHz ECC Reg 16GB (M393A2G40EB2-CTD)DDR4 RAM£90.00£90.00  257275  
OWC SSDIM12D240 240GBSystem Specific Hard Drive£87.00£87.00   283584  
OWC Express USB 3.0External Enclosure£16.00£12.66  283780  
OWC SSDIM12D960 960GBSystem Specific Hard Drive£193.49£193.49   300436  
Lycom DT-129Controller Card£19.00£19.00  346873  
OWC OWCTCDRVDCKHDD Docking Station£86.49£86.49   357937  
OWC Mercury On-The-Go USB 3.0External Enclosure£32.49£26.71  401356 1
Transcend 430S TS256GMTS430S 256GBSSD (Solid State Drive)£41.22£41.22  403355  
Integral SSD M.2 SATA 2280 128GBSSD (Solid State Drive)£26.00£26.00   464570  
Adata Premier DDR4 2400MHz 4GB (AD4U2400W4G17-S)DDR4 RAM£42.49£42.49   486069  
Integral UltimaPro X M.2 2280 PCIe 128GBSSD (Solid State Drive)£143.00£143.00   492734  
OWC Thunderbolt 3 Mini DockLaptop Docking Station£95.99£95.99   532741  
OWC Thunderbolt 4 DockLaptop Docking Station£255.00£255.00   570244  
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