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Product Category Shop price Lowest price User rating Rank
Skip Hop Forma BackpackChanging Bag£70.00£64.94  11324  
Storksak Stevie Lux Changing BagChanging Bag£120.00£106.73  22872  
Skip Hop Chelsea Backpack Changing BagChanging Bag£75.00£75.00  29883  
Skip Hop Mainframe Wide Open BackpackChanging Bag£65.00£64.95  30338  
Skip Hop Greenwich Convertible BackpackChanging Bag£99.00£99.00  33724  
Jem + Bea Jamie Changing BagChanging Bag£140.00£140.00   37162  
PacaPod Hartland BackpackChanging Bag£139.30£110.00   41804  
Babymel Georgi Eco Convertible BackpackChanging Bag£69.00£69.00   41878  
Storksak Hero BackpackChanging Bag£125.00£104.41  46486  
Jem + Bea Jemima Changing BagChanging Bag£285.00£285.00   46741  
PacaPod HastingsChanging Bag£72.00£39.99  47963  
Babymel Jade Changing BagChanging Bag£48.00£48.00  50001  
Babymel George BackpackChanging Bag£69.00£60.00  52312  
Skip Hop Greenwich Simply Chic BackpackChanging Bag£99.00£85.00  57474  
PacaPod SauntonChanging Bag£99.00£94.00   69049  
Babymel Robyn Changing BagChanging Bag£69.00£60.00  84516  
PacaPod CroydeChanging Bag£135.00£135.00   90651  
Storksak Organic Tote BagChanging Bag£115.00£115.00   119320  
Jem + Bea BeatriceChanging Bag£199.00£199.00   129299  
Jem + Bea Amber Changing BagChanging Bag£230.00£230.00   131312  
PacaPod FirenzeChanging Bag£130.00£130.00   150848  
PacaPod Freedom PodChanging Bag£54.95£54.95   151464  
PacaPod Changer Pod LiteChanging Bag£17.95£17.95   165081  
PacaPod Feeder PodChanging Bag£14.95£14.95   180317  
Jem + Bea Cara Changing BagChanging Bag£140.00£140.00   186822  
Jem + Bea Marlow Changing BagChanging Bag£98.00£98.00   207796  
Jem + Bea Margot Changing BagChanging Bag£295.00£295.00   215203  
Jem + Bea LolaChanging Bag£120.00£120.00   249964  
Jem + Bea Romy Puffer ToteChanging Bag£130.00£130.00   353117  
Jem + Bea Cici Changing BagChanging Bag£59.00£59.00   353159  
Jem + Bea X John Lewis Cecile ToteChanging Bag£245.00£245.00   355117  
Jem + Bea Mama Changing BagChanging Bag£45.00£45.00   365114  
Babymel RosieChanging Bag£69.00£69.00   375378  
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