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Product Category Shop price Lowest price User rating Rank
Noco Genius Boost Pro GB150Car Battery Charger£294.99£269.99  8383  
Netgear GS105Switch£32.99£19.98  27482  
Netgear GS108Switch£47.99£26.10  27944 1
Netgear GS308Switch£33.99£12.95  28754  
APC Back-UPS RS BR550GIUPS£153.99£142.36  43896  
Netgear GS724T v4Switch£155.99£106.30  53438  
CyberPower BRICs LCD BR1200ELCD UKUPS£154.99£132.81  61479  
CyberPower BRICs LCD BR1000ELCD UKUPS£136.99* £105.49  62807  
Netgear GS108E v3Switch£46.99£28.46  63724  
APC Back-UPS Pro BR1500GIUPS£392.99* £358.16  70933  
CyberPower PFC Sinewave CP1300EPFCLCD UKUPS£252.99£190.77  75662  
CyberPower Professional Tower PR1500ELCDUPS£516.99£442.29  102126  
Netgear FS728TPSwitch£251.99£195.04   103602  
CyberPower BRICs LCD BR650ELCD UKUPS£121.99£77.98  118754  
APC Back-UPS Pro BR900GIUPS£230.99£205.95  123759 71
Netgear GS116Switch£87.99£67.48  136622  
APC Smart-UPS SMT2200IUPS£915.99* £915.99  143453  
Ansmann HD5Head Torches£9.94£8.94  150524  
APC Back-UPS ES BE700G-UKUPS£118.99£105.05  162363  
APC Smart-UPS SMT1500IUPS£575.99£325.00  183871  
APC Back-UPS Pro BR1200GIUPS£375.99£333.22  186671  
APC Smart-UPS SMT750IUPS£346.99* £346.99  195948  
APC Smart-UPS SC SC420IUPS£160.99£160.91  198743  
APC Smart-UPS SC SC620IUPS£243.99£242.47  220586  
APC Smart-UPS SMT1000RMI2UUPS£621.99* £538.63  240043  
APC Smart-UPS SMT1500RMI2UUPS£720.99* £663.33  248015  
CyberPower Value SOHO VALUE800ELCDUPS£95.99£84.92  254482  
APC Smart-UPS XL SUA3000XLIUPS£1,630.99£1,630.99  439647  
APC Smart-UPS XL SUA2200XLIUPS£1,248.99£1,248.99  468485  
CyberPower Professional Tower PR2200ELCDUPS£949.99£949.99   473668  
Exide Excell EB620 62AhCar Battery£57.99£57.99  514024  
Exide AGM EK600 60Ah 680ACar Battery£122.99£122.99  616192  
Exide Excell EB950 95AhCar Battery£85.99£85.99  616193  
Exide Excell EB802 80Ah 700ACar Battery£73.98£73.98   616194  
Exide Excell EB740 74Ah 680ACar Battery£67.98£67.98   616195  
Exide Excell EB712 71AhCar Battery£65.98£65.98   616196  
Exide Excell EB602 60AhCar Battery£55.99£55.99   616197  
Exide Excell EB500 50AhCar Battery£48.99£48.99  616198  
Exide Excell EB442 44AhCar Battery£44.99£44.99  616199  
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