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Product Category Shop price Lowest price User rating Rank
FIFA 21 (PS4)PS4 Game£44.99£14.99  232  
Regatta Atholl II Rucksack 35LBackpack£19.98£15.95  5397  
Charles Bentley BBQ13BLKBarbecue (BBQ)£344.99£319.99  8914  
Chappie Complete Chicken & Whole Grain 15kgDog Food£19.98£19.43  26555  
Charles Bentley BBQ16BLKBarbecue (BBQ)£394.99£359.99  27423  
Tower T14001Fryer£49.99* £30.00  28073  
Oral-B AdvancePower ExpertElectric Toothbrush£6.99£5.99  29329  
Campingaz Attitude 2GoBarbecue (BBQ)£179.00£165.88  30136  
Regatta Karuna (4)Tent£279.00£275.40  30812  
Kingfisher 14"Barbecue (BBQ)£11.99£11.99  45840  
Outback TrekkerBarbecue (BBQ)£149.00£14.99  68274  
Thermos ThermoCafe Desk Mug 0.45LThermos Flask£7.99£7.99  83424  
Regatta Bedabase II Rucksack 15LBackpack£9.99£9.99  98718  
Chappie Complete Beef & Whole Grain 15kgDog Food£19.98£19.43  106307  
Regatta Kolima (3)Tent£299.00£289.99  113794  
GoSystem Rapid StoveCamping Stove£14.99£13.29  127759  
Whiskas Pouches Adult Jelly 12x0.1kgCat Food£3.99£3.50  138914  
Regatta Maui SingleSleeping Bag£19.98£17.98  187252  
Connect-It ES1256Radiator£19.98£16.99  196283  
Thermos ThermoCafe Zest Mug 0.4LThermos Flask£7.99£7.50  206291  
Elgento E22002Iron & Steamer£11.99£9.97  214244  
Sheba Fresh Choice Poultry Selection 6x0.05kgCat Food£1.99£1.99  370668  
Listerine Cool Mint Munskölj 500mlMouth & Teeth£2.49£2.49  371294  
Whiskas Pouches Senior 12x0.1kgCat Food£3.99£3.50  381298  
Radox For Men Herbal Shower Gel & Shampoo 250mlBath & Shower£0.99£0.99  406934  
Kingfisher PortableBarbecue (BBQ)£29.99£29.99  442770  
Carex Shower Gel Moisture 500mlBath & Shower£0.99£0.99  467168  
Pyrex Optima Fry Pan 28cmFrying Pan & Skillet£16.98£16.98  525154  
Regatta Ultralite Walking TelescopicWalking Poles£9.99£9.99  551223  
Yes Platinium Diskmedel 620mlDish Detergent & Soap£1.49£1.49  646026  
Coleman Vail (6)Tent£449.00£449.00  647134  
Wagg Complete Chicken & Veg 2.5KgDog Food£3.99£3.99  650131  
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