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Product Category Shop price Lowest price User rating Rank
Dyson Cyclone V10 AnimalVacuum Cleaner£349.00* £325.99  100  
Dyson V11 AbsoluteVacuum Cleaner£599.00£569.00  107  
Dyson V7 AnimalVacuum Cleaner£249.00£199.00  197 81
Bosch Styline Kettle 3000W 1.5LKettle£59.00* £49.98  362  
Shark NZ801UKVacuum Cleaner£349.00* £229.00  366  
Dyson Cyclone V10 AbsoluteVacuum Cleaner£399.00* £373.99  422  
Shark IZ201UKTVacuum Cleaner£279.00* £229.99  711  
Dyson V8 AnimalVacuum Cleaner£299.00£249.99  917 81
Shark IZ201UKVacuum Cleaner£249.00£229.99  940  
Dyson V7 AbsoluteVacuum Cleaner£299.00£189.00  1490  
Shark HZ500UKVacuum Cleaner£249.00£219.00  2134  
Dyson V11 AnimalVacuum Cleaner£499.00£469.00  3424  
Dyson Pure Hot + CoolAir Purifier£549.00£499.00  3543  
Dyson Pure Cool Me BP01Air Purifier£299.00* £274.99  7265  
Dyson AM06Fan£249.00£24.35  8364  
Dyson V7 TriggerVacuum Cleaner£199.00* £199.00  11224  
Bosch BCH86PETGBVacuum Cleaner£329.90£229.99  14244  
Bosch BBS611GBVacuum Cleaner£179.00£179.00  30748  
Bosch BCS612GBVacuum Cleaner£329.00* £219.99  34573  
Shark CH950UKTVacuum Cleaner£59.00£59.00  43203  
Roidmi S1 SpecialVacuum Cleaner£219.00* £170.00  48104  
Dyson Pure Cool TowerAir Purifier£499.00£499.00   51915  
Bosch BBH3251GBVacuum Cleaner£179.00£169.90  52151  
Bosch BCS111Vacuum Cleaner£324.99* £278.00  90222  
Dyson Pure Cool DeskAir Purifier£399.00* £399.00   92165  
Bosch BCH6HYGGBVacuum Cleaner£259.99£179.99  129625  
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