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  • Very Poor
    1 month ago

    Products will not be sent out to you but your money will be taken. They do not reply to emails sent to them and the telephone number is just an answer phone which they also do not respond to. This is not a review for the Salon, this is a review for the online Gooseberry Shop.
  • Very Poor
    1 month ago
    This is only the second time I have ordered from Gooseberry. The first time it took about 10 days to get my order, this time after two weeks there is still no sign of the goods. Emails take 2-4 days for a reply and you cannot speak to any one on the phone. Very poor service
  • Very Poor
    2 months ago
    Awful experience: took money the same day but never deliver products. Could not reach them via phone or email, all generic replies/voicemail. Had to raise the claim case with my credit card company. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS SHOP
  • Very Poor
    3 months ago
    I ordered more than 2 years ago and spent over £60. I received nothing. I phoned . emailed and reported it to my bank, It is a scam. Do not buy.
  • Very Poor
    4 months ago
    I haven't received my order 3 months now and nobody replies on emails or calls. I want my money back. Scammers!
  • Very Poor
    6 months ago
    I placed an order in October (reading most of the reviews people have had issues receiving their order) I personally haven’t which is why I continued to order from this site and hadn’t looked at their reviews until now. On this occasion the items arrived open/faulty so I contacted them to return this and they said they would process the refund straight away. I returned both items and paid for postage which they said they would reimburse. The conversation regarding the refund had been ongoing from October to January. Each time they said “I will get this looked into for you and make sure this is refunded” “I can now confirm it has been refunded” but it hadn’t. Then when I replied to say I’ve had that same reply numerous times they decided not to reply at all. They basically stole my money and plenty of other people’s by the looks of these reviews. Never buying from here ever again. If I had read the reviews before buying I would never have bought from here. I have now contacted my bank (halifax) and I’ve been able to get my refund, excluding the postage money, so only lost out on £3.79 now. Contact your bank if they have not refunded you or if you have not received your order.
  • Very Poor
    7 months ago
    Order placed in December item never arrived, sent 15 mails usually no response or promises of refund but refund never happens.
    Absolutely appalling company
  • Very Poor
    8 months ago
    Do not use this company.
    Gooseberry took my payment for an order for a Christmas present. Initially, it all seemed legitimate - they sent a tracking number, but then the delivery never arrived. I chased it up countless times, and they said I had to wait 28 days for it to be considered lost. On the 29th day, I contacted them, they apologised, and said they'd send a replacement. I'm still waiting. I contacted my bank to report the fraudulent transaction. They have paid me back. I have also reported them to trading standards.
  • Very Poor
    9 months ago
    This company are taking people's money and not sending the orders out same experience as everyone else. Avoid them like the plague, not sure how they are being allowed to continue trading.
  • 2020-09-24 - One year ago. User reviews before this time are not included in the rating.

  • Very Poor
    1 year ago
    Do not touch this company.

    You will receive nothing but identical emails but you will not receive your order and you will not receive a refund.

    I have reported gooseberry to Nottinghamshire County Council and they need to be stopped from trading.

    I will now have to take legal action to get my money back.
  • Very Poor
    1 year ago
    DON’T ORDER ANYTHING! They are stealing people’s money! After a month of getting no delivery I asked for a refund and three months later I’m still waiting for my money! When you complain they just reply with the same message over and over: “ Hi Joao, I am so sorry about this. I will get this looked into and make sure this is refunded for you. I will send an email to confirm this has been done”. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE!
  • Very Poor
    1 year ago
    I echo all the other negative reviews – AVOID, AVOID, AVOID. This company is atrocious, Never have I experienced such a lack of customer service and lack of communication. I truly believe that if I hadn’t continued to “hound” them, I would never have heard from them again following their initial email acknowledging my order. Following is my experience:

    13 December 2019 - Order placed.

    20 December 2019 - Contacted Gooseberry re order status.

    21 December 2019 - Gooseberry replied advising there had been a delay with my delivery, which should arrive within the next week.

    6 January 2020 - Contacted Gooseberry for an update on delivery.

    6 January 2020 - Gooseberry replied with identical message to 21 December. I replied requesting confirmation my order would arrive within the next week, to which I received a positive response.

    14 January 2020 - Contacted Gooseberry to see if my order had been sent.

    15 January 2020 - As 14 January.

    15 January 2020 - Gooseberry replied advising my order was to be sent later this week, but advising I could cancel and request a refund. I replied saying I was happy to wait if my order was going to arrive.

    22 January 2020 - Contacted Gooseberry asking if my order had been sent and, if not, if I could have a refund.

    22 January 2020 - Gooseberry replied saying a refund would be issued, but could take 7-10 business days to appear in my account.

    6 February 2020 - Contacted Gooseberry asking if my refund had been processed as it hadn't appeared in my account.

    7 February 2020 - As 6 February.

    7 February 2020 - Gooseberry replied saying this would be looked into and a refund would be issued.

    11 February 2020 - Contacted Gooseberry as the refund still hadn't appeared in my account.

    12 February 2020 - As 11 February. I also emailed.

    12 February 2020 - Gooseberry replied by email – identical message to that of 7 February.

    19 February 2020 - Contacted Gooseberry (messenger and email), advising still no refund.

    20 February 2020 - Gooseberry replied by email - identical message to that of 7 and 12 February.

    21 February 2020 - Email received from Hermes advising my order was on its way. Messaged Gooseberry for confirmation.

    27 February 2020 - Contacted Gooseberry as, after checking Hermes tracking at various times since receiving their email, there had been no update of delivery.

    27 February 2020 - Gooseberry replied confirming my order had been dispatched and that they would contact Hermes, then update me.

    5 March 2020 - Contacted Gooseberry as my order hadn't arrived and there was still no update on Hermes tracking.

    6 March 2020 - Gooseberry replied saying they would have to wait to hear from the courier before being able to send a replacement or issue a refund, which could take up to twenty-eight days.

    On 10 March, I sent a “final” email and Facebook message advising that if I didn’t receive my order, or a full refund, within seven days that I would be taking the matter further. That obviously did the trick as, although I received no reply (other than their standard out of office reply), I received my order …… thirteen weeks and three days after my order was placed.
  • Very Poor
    1 year ago
    SCAM!, They took money but didn’t sent the item. I contact company but i get just excuses and no refund is been more then a month now waiting.I have reported them in my Bank as an illegal transaction and now im still waiting. Don't buy from this place ever! I wish to NO give any star at all.
  • Perfect
    2 years ago
    Always Use Gooseberry for my Hair Products. The price is always good and they have a lot of hard to find brands. Delivery is normally fast but on the odd occasion it was delayed but i was informed if the issue. Website easy to use and always get sent great offers by email. Thanks
  • Very Poor
    2 years ago
    SCAM!, They took money but didn’t sent the item. No contact, no refund. They blocked me when I tried contact them. I have reported them in my Bank as an illegal transaction
  • Very Poor
    2 years ago
    I don't want to give this shop any stars. The customer service is terrible, they take the money on the day the order is raised and nearly 3 weeks later I have still not received my goods. It is very difficult to contact them and the phone is always on voicemail. Do not buy from Gooseberry Shop.
  • Very Poor
    3 years ago
    Incredibly disappointed
    Paid for 1-2 day tracked delivery. 5 days later I still haven't received my package, Goosebery have not supplied a tracking order number and it is impossible to find an email address. Have been without a hairdryer for a week now. Would never use again.
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    Fast Delivery. Great Price too. Great