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Detailed information PriceSpy members have rated Infinite Computing (8.75)
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  • Perfect
    27 days ago
    I've bought around 7 items from Infinite computers in total, multiple motherboards, Corsair PSU, RTX 3060 and recently a 3080ti.

    I have been extremely pleased with the service they provide, they have the best prices. (and even offer a price match guarantee.)

    Its run by a few great lads that do their best to provide like minded people with great prices/ service even during a shortage of PC hardware. They also have their own discord where you can contact them for updates and queries ect ect.
  • Perfect
    27 days ago
    Amazing store which provide the items in tip top quality that you requested in amazing condition. Cheapest around, take your chance with them and support a small business eh!
  • Perfect
    2 months ago
    Best small company with competitive prices